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Hello's and Goodbyes
45 177
Thread: Hey guys
Posted by: willybank$
Anything Sec.
9 49
Thread: All my chars have been uploa...
Posted by: MadaraPeinKyuuby
Post your own sigs, avatars, etc here.
6 46
Thread: my first sig
Posted by: KybaBeast
I will tell you what update are finished and whats done.
1 5
Thread: Future Updates Suggestion
Posted by: idiot
Contests Sec.
Do poll threads here. ^^
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Trash Can
Closed threads go in here.
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Come share videos here.
2 6
Thread: Stupid real life naruto xD
Posted by: skakashi
Post your suggestions/ideas for the site.
3 8
Thread: New skin
Posted by: MadaraPeinKyuuby
Start polls here. :D
2 9
Thread: The voice of the people
Posted by: MadaraPeinKyuuby

MUGEN Section!!! =D
Mugen Help
4 24
Thread: Coding Tutorials
Posted by: Shademaker
Quest for chars or stages ect. here =)
6 9
Thread: Any good naruto chars?
Posted by: skakashi
Mugen Characters
Contribute characters here, but you must give credit.
25 102
Thread: Naruto New Characters(Pein M...
Posted by: naruto1010

Video Games
Talk about video games here. :D
6 7
Thread: my video
Posted by: MadaraPeinKyuuby
Computer Games
talk about computer games in here.
3 0
Thread: Your first mmo game?
Posted by: skakashi

Club Sec.
Start a Fan Club =)
3 23
Thread: Akatsuki fc
Posted by: galulnangu

Anime Sec.
7 25
Thread: Naruto vs sasuke parody
Posted by: skakashi
Dragonball Z/GT
2 2
Thread: Fav dbz char
Posted by: Shademaker
1 2
Thread: Bleach rpg
Posted by: Uchihamassacre
discuss other anime in here.
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Thread: Cool contact lense site
Posted by: Shademaker

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