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Naruto's Forum » Anime Sec. » Naruto » 423 spoiler
423 spoiler
AslanDate: Wednesday, 2008-10-29, 3:10 PM | Message # 1
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]まずチョウジ父がカカシを大した奴� �定する首先
是丁次父子和卡卡西确认那个修罗道� �否死了的画面
First is the scene where Chouji and his dad and Kakashi try to confirm whether the Asura is dead.

カカシがペインの能力及びこれから� �作戦を解説する
卡卡西根据掌握的佩恩能力进行了战� �部署
Then Kakashi explains the battle plan he came up with based on Pain's ability.

Apparently it's the ability to use attractive force.

Father and son fighting side by side, the battle begins.

作戦内容はめんどいから省略するけ� �親子がペインを捕獲する
作战内容太复杂,省略,不过最后父� �抓住了天道
The battle content is too complicated, hence omitted. But in the end, the Akimichis manage to capture the God.

そこにカカシが雷切を射つが阿修羅� �ンがかっこよい方の前にたち攻撃を� ��を持って防ぐ
然后卡卡西打算用远程雷切射击的时� �,修罗道突然出现挡住了攻击
Then just as Kakashi is going to shoot out (long-ranged?) Raikiri the Asura body appears to block the attack.

みんな「まだ動けたのか!」カカシ(� ��に合え)
众人:还能动吗?卡卡西 (赶得上吗?)
Everyone: He still can move? Kakashi (Can I make it?)

Naruto fuses with Fukasaku.

佩恩:当然还能动 !
Pain: Of course I(he? not sure who's talking) can still move.
Kakashi: Is it too late?

回りを見ると親子も他の援軍忍者も� �んな吹っ飛んでる(かっこいいのが飛 ばしたみたい)
回头看丁次父子和其他忍者都被吹飞� �
Turning around, he sees Akimichis and the other back-up ninja have been blown away.

ペイン「影分身ではないことはわか� �てる。確実に死んでもらう」(年には 念だ。うかつに近づく まい)
佩恩:看来这次不是影分身了,那么� �给我去死吧。
Pain: Seems like it's not kagebunshin this time. Then die! (not translated)

Picking up a nail from the ground he throws it at Kakashi (=_=)

Pain: Feel the pain!

カカシ「ま…この距離なら外しよう� �ないな……」
卡卡西:这个距离的话,想逃也没办� �的
Kakashi: From this distance, I can't dodge it...

The End

surprised sad

Naruto's Forum » Anime Sec. » Naruto » 423 spoiler
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